Most Smartest Animal Colony in the Planet

Smartest Animal Colony

Earth is home to multiple life forms and one among them is humanity, humans are the main race in this whole world, and we are by much more sophisticated social structures, yet we're not talking about how clever humans are, but we're looking at some of the Earth's Most Intelligent Animal Colony. Smartest Animal Colony on the Planet


Elephants are stunningly brilliant animals. They have the largest cerebrum of any land organism, with three times the number of neurons as humans. While vast numbers of these nerves remain to power the immense and adroit body of the elephant, on several occasions these creatures have shown their incredible mental abilities.


You can't expect any more intelligence from an insect, but it's a different story when you learn about their colony/social system.

The ant's colony is one of the most well-organized societies, and that doesn't mean that a person is not that clever, since a single ant is still pretty awesome for an insect.

Ants travel a long distance, locate food, interact, and escape predators. They take care of a family close to any species.

The colonies seem to be the ideal natural example of a social structure dominated by the division of labor. All recognized species of ants – now about 14,000 – live in colonies.


Dolphins still have a strong reputation for their intellect and are often compared to other intelligent animals such as elephants and humans.

Most dolphin species live in groups called pods made up of 2 to 30 dolphins as the number varies, but in certain places with plentiful food, many pods may form superpods of more than 1,000 members.

They're fairly collaborative with each other, and they're still a party hunter.


Bees have similar social arrangements to ants, and the honey bee colony usually consists of three types of adult bees: workers, drones, and queens.

Several thousand workers' bees participate in the construction of nests, food gathering, and breeding of brood. To member has a specific role to fulfill about his or her adult age.


Chimpanzee is one of the nearest people to humanity, and in certain scenarios, they have a very similar social system to us.

Chimpanzee is one of the great apes, and like all the other apes, they are intellectual, and Chimpanzees have a social structure that is one of the most nuanced animals.

They are social animals who spend their lives in the company of their companions. This behavior might seem logical because they are the closest relatives to human beings, who are also highly social.



The orca or killer whale is a toothed whale belonging to the tribe of ocean dolphins and is the largest member of the family.

Orcas are kind of social creatures. They live in small nuclear and extended families, which we call pods, clans, and cultures.

The mother of the orca is in the social heart. She and her children, including her grown-up sons, stay together for a lifetime.


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