How Technology will look in 2050 (Society in 2050)

How Technology will look in 2050 (Society in 2050)


Humanity is a consistently evolving society, but have you ever thought about what our society will look like in the next 30 years

Although we also have many bad things happening in our society, like the growing population, climate change, and many people might get scared of the future, But we have to consider that we are evolving and we get better and more efficient as time goes.

Technology in 2050


Advanced AI


Artificial intelligence is changing how we plan and build. By 2050, the impacts of AI adoption will be broadly felt over all parts of our everyday lives. As the world faces a few dire and troublesome difficulties, from the climate crisis to housing, AI can affect a tragic future and a comfortable one.

AI will change many things, and one of those things is jobs, AI will change most jobs, and AI will replace many of our jobs. AI can do much better jobs than humans by 2050, we probably have very advanced AI that means doing jobs for ai is going to be very easy.

Better Space Exploration


Curiosity is one of the most powerful driving forces in humanity, Curiosity helps us to find things, learn, build, and expand. 

By 2050 we might have the technology to travel between planets, at least mars.

And, we also gonna have many interesting findings of lives on other planets, and we might find something in our solar system. By 2050 we will dominate Lower Earth Orbit, space tourism will bevery viable’, space-led power production will be in making, and there will be a human base on the Moon.


Brain Controllable Devices


Brain-Computer Interfaces(BCI) is a term for describing a direct connection pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device.

Currently, there are so many companies who are trying to create better Brain-Computer Interfaces, There are so many benefits of BCI, storing your memories, Telepathically, and something smartphone-like device that can be controlled by the brain.

BCI is currently used for paralyzing patients and individuals with disabilities, such as lost limbs, and by 2050 we could have too many cures for so many disabilities, such as blindness, sight, and many more.

Self Driving vehicles

Self-driving cars are not a fantasy, because we now have some self-driving vehicles, but self-driving vehicles are not trusted enough for highways, but you will see some on our roads, and it may not look the same in 2050, and by 2050 we could see 80 to 90 percent of self-driving vehicles on the streets.

There are many benefits of Self Driving vehicles like much safer roads, fewer non-traffic jams, these benefits can help humanity to grow much faster and more stable.

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