Amazing Sci-Fi Future Cities: What Our Future Cities Might Be Like

For more than a century, science fiction movies and books have depicted our future cities. Some were vibrant, sparkling, and upbeat, while others were dark, unclean, and harsh. As we anticipate a twenty-first century filled with gigantic megacities and tremendous technological advancement, and in this article, we are taking a looking at Amazing Sci-Fi Future Cities: What Our Future Cities Might Be Like.

The Past

Akira Anime City

Our futures, in the past, have featured environments far beyond our current ones. The future cities in the movies depicted a futuristic and chaotic landscape in which the daily lives of humans and huge cities were largely dominated by technology.

The movies were filled with dark and twisted images of the future and were often filled with cyborg people and scary creatures. In the past, these scenes were usually met with huge amounts of shock, and excitement. 

Minority Report

However, as the future of the world continues to improve, and new, innovative technologies are introduced into our lives, some of these visions of the future are beginning to turn into the reality we are living in now.

The Present

While talking about the Present-day Sci-Fi Cities, it's not as futuristic as people in the past predicted, but we have a few cities that can come close to that Sci-Fi Future Cities concepts, and not only big developed countries are building these cities but also developing countries are also building some of the biggest megacities in the world.

Tokyo, Japan

Songdo, South Korea

Bangalore, India

Gardens by the Bay

The Future

Although current science fiction movies and books are portraying cities as a giant dystopia, it seems that technology will help all but solve all of our problems in the future. 

Some of the most interesting predictions for the future of cities are that: Everything will be electrified, while this might not seem that exciting, but that's big because that will help us to reduce carbon emissions as well as integrated technology in every inch of the city.

In 20 to 30 years we may see self-driving electric vehicles all over the road and maybe a fully clean energy source for the city.

O'Neill cylinder

And maybe cities on other celestial bodies in the next 50 to 60 years, and maybe O'Neill cylinder in 100 years, it's very optimistic to say it will happen in our time, but we may get a close or even better way of doing things for our Sci-Fi Future Cities.


Imagine living in a world where you can move around in zero gravity, experience underwater life, and board a gigantic space ship. It’s a thrilling future indeed! However, these are just some of the amazing futuristic cities that science fiction movies and shows are great for imagining our future cities, but we can do better than most if we focus on the right stuff. 

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