10 Humanoid Robots concept art We Can't Wait to See in Real Life

For a long time, the robot has been at the center of sci-fi movies and series, and as technology advances, we will see many autonomous robots and vehicles on the streets doing our jobs. To further stimulate your interest, we've compiled a list of 10 Humanoid Robots concept art We Can't-Wait to See in Real Life.

But, before we get started with the list, keep in mind that this isn't a scientific article; instead, it's a collection of fascinating Humanoid Robot concept art.

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Fred Augis is a freelance concept artist from France. His portfolio has lots of sci-fi concept art. This is probably one of the best robotic designs I have seen in a very long time. If you like his design, then you can check out his other worlds. You might like them as well.

Robot Concept Art by Joe Peterson

Joe Peterson is a freelance concept artist currently working in the video game and entertainment industry. This concept is one of the most aggressive robotic designs on this list. By the look of it, it looks like the fastest robot on the street.

Robot Concept Art by noname_3

This robot art is done by noname_3. This is robot 90 from the Overstep game. This robot might look like any generic robot from Hollywood, but I think this robot seems more powerful and might even fly because I see jetpacks in the back. 

 Robot_IVO by Egor Krivokhizha

Egor Krivokhizha created this concept art robot, IVO, and by the looks of it, this robot has muscles and might be better at practically any task. It also seems like a Tesla bot, but with only a face and a few body elements. Also, Egor Krivokhizha has a 3D model accessible on TurboSquid, so check it out if you like his design.

 Robot by noah-kh

This robot art was created by Noah-kh, and I like it because it appears so sophisticated and frightening. I believe it is most likely a battle robot, ready to fight.

RoboRecall by Jerome Platteaux

RoboRecall is a concept by Jerome Platteaux and was created in the Unreal Engine. The first thing that strikes me about this concept is how realistic it appears. Look at all those surface imperfections, and there are so many features and it looks like a heavy-duty robot.

Robot by Jose Borges

Jose Borges created this concept, which is incredibly sci-fi in design as well as a very aggressive-looking robot. If this robot existed in real life, it would be given a very special job that no other robot could do.

Robot Concept KS by Joern Zimmermann

This concept by Joern Zimmermann looks incredibly cool, especially the particle effect at the bottom of the image; if this robot existed in real life, it would likely be doing all of the risky and boring jobs, so we want to see this in action.

Humanoid Robot by Nathan Campbell

The concept appears to be highly authentic, which could be due to the attention to detail in each element of the robot. This robot appears to be working on construction or performing some sort of guard duty for something unique.

Racer Advanced by YeongJin Jeon

This is a robot concept by YeongJin Jeon, which, like the others on this list, appears to be incredibly detailed, and by the looks of it, it appears to be a car transformed into a robot. In real life, this robot might perform some fast-paced tasks.

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