5 Futuristic Sci-Fi Space Suits That Will Take You to New Worlds

This is not a science article, but it is still a fascinating article for people who are interested in Sci-Fi Space Suits. 

Sci-Fi Space Suits have always been a core component of every science-fiction movie and television show, but we don't usually notice them or think of them as cool, but that will change today because we have listed some of the most futuristic Sci-Fi Space Suits in this article.

The majority of the spacesuits in this list are from films, television shows, and even other forms of media such as anime and documentaries.

Futuristic Sci-Fi Space Suits

1. Interstellar's Space Suits - Realistic

Despite their lack of intrigue, Interstellar's Space Suits may be the most realistic Futuristic Sci-Fi Space Suits, though with some sci-fi elements, because spacesuits currently require heavy equipment. 

However, they are not that far off because some space suits are now beginning to resemble Interstellar's Space Suits, such as the Space X spacesuit, so for me, it is the most realistic Futuristic Sci-Fi Space Suits.

2. Pacific Rim's Suits - Cool

Pacific Rim is one of the most loved mecha moves in today's world, Pacific Rim's Suits is not a space suit but its sure is Futuristic Sci-Fi Suits.

The look of the characters' cyber suits came from the imagination of one man: special effects artist Shane Mahan, best known for creating Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man suit. 

Director Guillermo del Toro's alien-versus-humans action film took visual cues from old Godzilla films and artist Francisco Goya's "Colossus" painting, but the look of the characters' cyber suits came from the imagination of one man: special effects artist Shane Mahan,

3. THE MARTIAN's Space Suits - Realistic

MARTIAN's Space Suits are not far from reality, especially if you consider that MARTIAN's Space Suits are designed for the thin atmosphere of Mars rather than the vacuum of space.

4. Prometheus's Space Suits - Cool

Director Ridley Scott wanted spacesuits with a significantly more modern design than those in his 1979 sci-fi classic for the 2012 prequel to Alien.

Janty Yates, the costume designer for the film, told Clothesonfilm.com that her main objective was to "avoid the...Michelin Man look of the NASA outfit."

5. FO2 SpaceSuit SYSTEMS - Very Cool

FO2 SpaceSuit SYSTEMS is a spacesuit concept created by artist Clement Tingry, and it is, in my view, the best-looking spacesuit I have ever seen.

This concept looks better because of its design, which is not an ugly spacesuit but rather a very cool and sci-fi design, however, I'm not sure how much of it is functional.

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