What Determines Intelligence in the Animal Kingdom

What determents intelligence in the animal kingdom?(Including us humans) Scientists have long debated what factors influence intelligence in animals. Some believe that it is determined by brain size, while others think that it has more to do with the number of neurons an animal has.

What Determines Intelligence in the Animal Kingdom?

Scientists believe that intelligence in the animal kingdom is determined by a number of elements. These factors include the environment, genetics, and the body-to-brain ratio.


The environment is assumed to play a role in intelligence since it allows animals to learn and grow mentally. Animals that live in complex habitats with many other individuals, for example, are more intelligent than those that live in simple environments. Furthermore, animals with access to food and water sources that require problem-solving skills to get are thought to be more intelligent than those without.


Another aspect thought to contribute to animal intelligence is genetics. Twin studies have revealed that Level of intelligence is hereditary, meaning that it is handed down from parents to kids. Furthermore, animal studies have revealed that certain genes are linked to higher levels of intelligence. One study discovered that mice with a mutant version of a gene called Mecp2 were smarter than mice without the mutation.

Body-to-Brain Ratio

Finally, the body-to-brain ratio is assumed to play a role in animal intelligence. This ratio calculates how much of an animal's body is made up of its brain in comparison to its size. Animals with larger brains in comparison to their body size are more intelligent than those with smaller brains. This difference is assumed to be partly due to larger brains having more neurons, allowing for greater cognitive ability.

So, what factors influence animal intelligence? It is most likely a result of a mix of environmental factors, genetics, and body-to-brain ratio.

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