5 Most Sci-Fi Looking Buildings

From the outside, these structures like something out of a science fiction film. With their unusual designs and futuristic elements, it's no surprise that they've been labelled the world's most sci-fi-looking buildings. These constructio…

Pratik Ranjan

Anywhere door in real life?

The Dokodemo door, often known as the "anywhere door," is a famous fictional trope that allows for instantaneous travel. The name is derived from the Japanese word dokodemo, which means "everywhere." The idea is simple: a door th…

Just Myself

5 Sci-Fi Cyborgs You Wish Were Real

Science fiction has always been a way to explore our deepest questions about what it means to be human. One of the most fascinating ideas in science fiction is the idea of becoming a cyborg. Some of our favorite comic book and movie superheroes are …

Pratik Ranjan
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