6 Oldest Bonsai tree in the world

Looking for Oldest Bonsai tree in the world then this the the place for you, because in this article we have listed 6 Oldest Bonsai tree in the world. Read Also: What type of electronic gadgets will replace smartphones in future Top 10 Oldest Tree i…

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Top 10 Oldest Tree in the World

Pando (14,000 years) Pando , also known as the trembling giant, is a clonal colony of an individual male quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) determined to be a single living organism by identical genetic markers and assumed to have one massive unde…

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9 Harmless Looking but Dangerous Animal

Donkey The donkey is a domesticated member of the Equidae horse family. The African wild ass is the donkey's wild ancestor. Asses were domesticated approximately 3000 BC, most likely in Egypt or Mesopotamia, and have since spread throughout the …

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8 Deadly Pandemics That Changed History

We are now experiencing a pandemic, which is a terrible experience for most people, but pandemics like this, or even much worse, have occurred in the past, with far more loss of life. Deadly Pandemics That Changed History Black Death The Black Death…

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How Did Water Get on the Earth?

The Earth now has vast oceans, but when it first formed, it was a dry rock, and to find out where our oceans and lakes got their water, keep reading below. In the fields of planetary science, astronomy, and astrobiology, the origin of water on Earth…

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Most Amazing Fossils Found of All Time

Though gigantic fossils of dinosaurs certainly look amazing overshadowing us in exhibits, there's only so much we can learn from dusty old bones. In any case, additionally striking examples seem to bear skin or feathers, enclosed in gemstones, a…

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8 Most intelligent species in the world

Insight is one of the hallmarks of being human which derives from various systems. For example, there is verbal-phonetic awareness (informative capacity), spatial intelligence (the ability to see the environment through inner consciousness), intelli…

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